5 things I wish ordinary people to know about orthodontics

I have recently returned from my prolonged vacation in the UK where I met several members of the British Orthodontic Society. It’s sorrowful to realise that despite the existence of such brilliant, scientifically-rigid, and morally upright organisations, the general public around the world is predominantly ignorant about orthodontics – or even worse – misguided by marketing propaganda and self-proclaimed orthodontic dictators.

Here are 5 simple facts I wish ordinary people to know about our specialty…

  1. Indiscriminate maxillary expansion is not scientifically justified by any, even the most poignant, arguments.
  1. Removable appliances tip teeth. All the other tooth movements are better done with fixed brackets.
  1. Most TMDs are caused by parafunctions, such as bruxing and clenching. These, in turn, are caused by stress and anxiety. No piece of plastic placed between the teeth can cure the mind.
  1. A good orthodontist is an unhappy, pathetic chap, a boring nagger, who is never, never fully content with the final result.
  1. Social media is not equal to professional peer-reviewed journals. The straight teeth you saw on Instagram are likely to be already crooked again. 

Would you like to add some more points?

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