Orthodontic biomechanics from A to Z: Part II

What makes the world go round? There are two well-worn answers to this: money and love. However, then it comes to moving teeth there is no ambiguity at all: teeth are moved by a single agent – force.

Techniques, names, appliances are just an entourage around this pivotal orthodontic agent. As a result, an orthodontist should be always seeking a thorough understanding of the force he or she applies.

Dr. Charles Burstone is remembered to be the physicist and engineer of orthodontics. He looked at biomechanics from the perspective of a scientist who seeks to deconstruct orthodontic methods to the atomic and digestible pieces of knowledge, rather than put together another cook-book approach.

It is interesting that in his last major work, the book titled The Biomechanical Foundation of Clinical Orthodontics, this unbiased cool-blooded perspective is mixed with a genuine and intense love for the craft of orthodontics. However, this comprehensive book on biomechanics also requires the mutual love from the reader. 

I won’t think that all orthodontists will enjoy the book equally. It is certainly targeted to orthodontic enthusiasts. You definitely have to invest your time and energy to get used to its sometimes demanding style. Reading this book, you are engaging into a long and meaningful relationship. The relationship with an orthodontic force, a unique yet not always easy-to-reach person.

I’m absolutely convinced that those who have a real affection to orthodontics will get from this source a great wealth of clinical knowledge. Impartial, evidence-based and beautifully-designed by a team of ten like-minded authors.

However, those who think that the world made go round solely by cash and coins, might find the book slightly boring and not inspiring. Those probably should check the self-help section of a bookstore!

Here you find the first part of the review.

You can buy your copy of the book clicking this link. Please note: this is an affiliate Amazon link. Small bonuses I have from this helps me to support Orthodontic Grammar project, whereas you pay just a regular price and not a dime more.

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