A very short blog post on apathy

According to Wikipedia, apathy is a lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or concern about something. Last year, most people around the globe experienced this in one form or another because of the COVID crisis. I was one of the affected. I had spent about 2 months without seeing the patients and this distraction from the regular routine coupled with inability to travel was psychologically challenging. 

Here are three measures I find feasible to fight the miserable state of apathy. At least, these work for me.

1. Focusing on major goals

Too many times during the pandemic my mind was inundated with “breaking news” about the virus. At some point, this unabated flow of information completely eclipsed my own agenda. My major agenda for life. All my professional aspirations were set aside. 

I think having a bigger picture of your life journey in mind is an absolute must. Once we forgot about it, we become the victims of the circumstances.

2. Enjoying unsexy routine

Having routine is absolutely critical. As orthodontists, we know how fulfilling it is to care about patients, to see the changes coming, to see the results that bring equal satisfaction to both the doctor and the patient. After several years in practice, this routine becomes a harmonious flow that brings you joy.

As a result, once we are cut off from these day-to-day chores, we have to find the substitution. This might be writing a blog, or setting up a webinar, or just helping out your friends and family. The key here – it should be about them, not about us. Giving is much more fulfilling than taking.

3. Swimming

This might not work for others. But I like swimming. Actually, it has something from previous points. You come to the pool, you set a goal, let’s say 30 laps, and then you just enjoy the flow of water stretching yourself into direction to the end point. Of course, you can pick another physical activity instead, but I haven’t found one that would give me that much energy and immediately wipe out any apathy. Here I shall probably suggest a nice book that could be helpful to those who are new to swimming.

That is all I wanted to write today. Now I am packing my googles, trunks, swimming pads and heading to the pool. Happy New Year. Wish you always have your antidotes against apathy!

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