An ultimate guide to the modern-day fixed appliances mechanics

Contemporary fixed orthodontic appliances are deceptively simple. Wire bending is minimised and bonding techniques are enhanced. Moreover, some manufacturers claim that premolar extractions are almost unnecessary implying the role of an orthodontist is just to change a few wires.

Such delusions usually disappear the moment a young orthodontist steps into the real clinical environment. And at this very moment it is imperative to have a reliable guide which will help to wrap the mind around the incredibly simple and uniquely sophisticated tool: the modern-day day fixed orthodontic appliances.

As with anything you study, it is great to look at the primary source of knowledge. That is why I want to draw my readers attention to a wonderful book by the inventors of one of the most popular bracket prescriptions, John C. Bennett and Richard P. McLauglin. The title is Fundamentals of Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics. It is the most recent book (2014) from the authors’ trilogy. It thoroughly illustrates the main principles of the treatment with contemporary preadjusted appliances: starting from diagnostics and basic cephalometrics to clinical advice on finishing and retention.

In my view, the main beauty of the book is the abundance of helpful schemes and the compactness of the text itself – only essential principles that you can immediately apply to your clinical routine. The authors themselves admit that they initially planned the text to be 100 pages longer, but then decided to left only the most important. Almost the half of the book is the step-by-step review of a dozen clinical cases with various treatment mechanics: extraction and non-extraction, minimal anchorage and TADs assisted, early treatment and adult patients. 

I was lucky this book was published the year I graduated – it has helped me a lot with learning the ropes of basic biomechanics and I am sure it will be an invaluable reference for residents and young orthodontists around the globe.

Which wire sequence to stick to? What is the concept of brackets inversion? When go for premolar extraction and when it will be enough just to reduce the enamel interproximatelly? The book will definitely help you with these and many more questions of similar nature.

You can buy your copy of the book clicking this link. Please note: this is an affiliate Amazon link. Small bonuses I have from this helps me to support Orthodontic Grammar project, whereas you pay just a regular price and not a dime more.

You may also be interested in my video review of this book:

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