An exodus project

Exodus story constantly repeats in world history with different players in different circumstances. Unable to accept ideology, low moral values or just straightforward unprofessionalism, people unite into groups to stand against unbearable states of affairs.

Freedom, 2015 by Erik Bulatov, a prominent Soviet non-conformist artist

Exodus is not always a physical migration. It also can be done by establishing strong rules inside a new group. The American Board of Orthodontists established in 1929 by Albert H. Ketcham is the example of an ‘internal’ exodus. Nowadays board certification seems the only method to stay against a growing industry of pseudo-medicine. In my opinion, today it is time to make board certification available for every orthodontist around the globe.

I was born in 1988 in Moscow. I remember an autumn day in 1991 when one classmate of mine came late to a kindergarten. He ran to a playground announcing to others: “I saw tanks driving down the street! From my window!” No one seemed to be interested. “Tanks are only in the movies, silly boy!” – answered someone and everyone returned to their playground activities. That day these children became the first generation of post-Soviet people…

Today this generation speaks relatively good English, push technological revolution around the world and play beautiful music. However, they rarely smile. The reason for this is obvious. They never had orthodontics in their motherland. During the Soviet era removable expanders and activators were the only used orthodontic appliances. Things barely changed during the 1990s when fixed appliances suddenly came to market. Nobody knew how to use them. This lack of expertise raised another issue in 2000s – orthodontic quackery began to flourish. Many western ‘experts’ in myofunctional therapy, gnathology and posturolgy started to give lectures across the Former Soviet Union. These series of events created a basis for a preset-day situation with post-Soviet ortho. Most practitioners deny credible research data, never extract teeth and grow mandibles. They call it ‘orthodontiya’.

Being fired twice from state dental clinics because of my refusal to damage children’s jaws with lower expanders, I recently got completely bored with orthodotiya. Therefore, I decided to create something exciting, useful and technologically advanced. An online orthodontic board. This blog post is the announcement of my project. I am going to raise funds for it during the next year. If you want to collaborate please contact me via

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