Orthodontics in dystopian times

Today, we mark the fifth anniversary of the Young Russian Orthodontists Manifesto. In this document my colleagues and I described the current state of affairs of the orthodontic specialty in Russia and across the post-Soviet world. We also proposed the ways of improvement. Our main goal was to integrate the grassroots orthodontic developments at home into the global orthodontic infrastructure. Our goals have never been met. 

As of today, the number of Russian orthodontists certified in the European Orthodontic Board is zero, the number of postgraduate programs which fit the guidelines of the World Federation of Orthodontists is zero, and the number of studies from the former Soviet Union published in the peer-reviewed orthodontic periodicals is also nil. 

It is a very saddening statistics.

However, not many seem to be worried. This, in my view, could be attributed to an alternative picture of orthodontic reality painted by the Soviet bureaucrats who run the education process and marketing experts who promote – rarely in an ethical and scientific way – the western orthodontic brands in the country. Their concerted efforts have led many to take seriously a freakish theatrical performance where the actors contest in gaining fake academic credentials and publishing nonsensical claims on social media. 

We are currently living in a dystopian orthodontic landscape and the global geopolitical events seem only to exacerbate the situation and make it even more grotesque. 

I ask myself what can I personally do against this assault on reality? Probably, keeping up with this blog is a little, yet most at-hand activity. 


  1. Dear Alex, Are you willing to share your personal thought about the WAR in Ukraine? Or is it too dangerous to share an opinion? Are you aware of that war?




    • Hi Sylvain! Thank you for stopping by. We are currently living in a very divisive society. We, as orthodontists, have always been wondering – why people are so easily falling for untruths pushed by KOLs, manufactures, and charlatans? Now we see how lies could be implanted into the heads of millions on a much greater scale… Unfortunately, I can do very little about it, so I decided to keep my blog focused on orthodontics.


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